This page is devoted to describe the models selected to perform CORDEX simulations in the Australasia region. A brief description of the different used configurations is also provided.

The Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model

The Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model is a mesoscale numerical weather prediction system used for operational forecast, atmospheric research and dynamical downscaling of both reanalysis and General Circulation Models (GCMs).

Two dynamical cores are implemented in the model, of which the Advanced Research WRF (ARW) is the most suitable for a wide range of applications including climate studies.

The most remarkable characteristics of the modes are:

  • A fully-compressible non-hydrostatic scalar-conserving formulation of flux form Euler equations
  • Flexibility in the domain configuration
  • Following terrain vertical coordinates (eta)
  • Availability of several map projections
  • Arakawa-C grid staggering
  • Runge-Kutta 2nd and 3rd order time integration options
  • Lateral boundary conditions specified using a relaxation zone
  • Observational and grid nudging, including spectral nudgin
  • A broad choice of parameterizations for land surface, planetary boundary layer (PBL), radiation, microphysics and cumulus convection.

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Configuration in the CCRC (UNSW)

In the CCRC a physical ensemble of models was built with members that have the same configuration except for the physical parameterisations of sub-grid scale processes. Below are detailed the schemes chosen as well a sample of the namelist used for each of the members.

Member Microphysics Radiation LW/SW Land Surface PBL Cumulus Namelist
R1 WRF Double-Moment 5 RRTM/Dudhia Noah LSM Mellor-Yamada-Janjic Kain-Fritsch R1 namelist
R2 WRF Double-Moment 5 RRTM/Dudhia Noah LSM Mellor-Yamada-Janjic Betts-Miller-Janjic  R2 namelist
R3 WRF Double-Moment 5 CAM3/CAM3 Noah LSM Yonsei University Kain-Fritsch  R3 namelist

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