List of groups contributing to CORDEX AustralAsia

Climate Change Research Centre (University of New South Wales, Australia)

UNSW CCRC is a multi-disciplinary group that contributes to CORDEX AustralAsia with a number of WRF simulations.

  • Jason Evans - ua.ude.wsnu|snave.nosaj#ua.ude.wsnu|snave.nosaj
  • Daniel Argüeso - ua.ude.wsnu|oseugra.d#ua.ude.wsnu|oseugra.d
  • Lluís Fita - ua.ude.wsnu|llerrobatif.l#ua.ude.wsnu|llerrobatif.l

Institute of Coastal Research / Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Germany

The "Group of Regional Atmospheric Modeling" is participating by running the regional climate model CCLM ( = COSMO-CLM) in the standard configuration requested for CORDEX Australasia. The group acronym is CLMcom(CLM-Community)-HZG(Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht), which is decided within the CLM-Community as the standard group name for CCLM simulations.

  • Burkhardt Rockel - ed.gzh|lekcoR.tdrahkruB#ed.gzh|lekcoR.tdrahkruB

School of Environmental Science (Murdoch University)

The "Atmospheric Science group" at Murdoch University is participating by running WRF over the CORDEX domain for various projects.

  • Tom Lyons - ua.ude.hcodrum|snoyL.T#ua.ude.hcodrum|snoyL.T
  • Jatin Kala - moc.liamg|KJ.alaK.J#moc.liamg|KJ.alaK.J

Climate Variability, Extreme Weather and Adaptation (CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere Flagship)

We provide regional scale weather and climate modelling capability to simulating the detailed weather and climate in the Australian region, Asia, South Africa, India, and other regions of interest.

  • Jack Katzfey - ua.orisc|yefztaK.kcaJ#ua.orisc|yefztaK.kcaJ
  • John McGregor - moc.liamg|222rogergcm.nhoj#moc.liamg|222rogergcm.nhoj (was ua.orisc|rogerGcM.nhoJ#ua.orisc|rogerGcM.nhoJ)
  • Marcus.Thatcher - ua.orisc|rehctahT.sucraM#ua.orisc|rehctahT.sucraM
  • Kim Nguyen - ua.orisc|neyugN.C.miK#ua.orisc|neyugN.C.miK

Center for Climate Change and Policy Studies, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey

Center for Climate Change and Policy Studies applies climate change simulations via RegCM4 and obtains climate data for various regions (i.e. CORDEX-Central Asia, CORDEX-MENA, CORDEX-Australasia) aiming to carry out climate related research.

  • Tufan Turp - rt.ude.nuob|prut.nafut#rt.ude.nuob|prut.nafut
  • Levent Kurnaz - rt.ude.nuob|zanruk.tnevel#rt.ude.nuob|zanruk.tnevel
  • Tugba Ozturk - rt.ude.nukisi|krutzo.abgut#rt.ude.nukisi|krutzo.abgut

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